There was tension all around as the final home in the competition went under the hammer tonight with the Pearce's three bedroom bungalow in Henderson selling for $807,000, netting the family $17,717 in profit and adding 2.24% value to their home - not enough to knock the Wottons from top spot. 


A tight bond and lasting friendships have formed between all the families in the competition and the camaraderie amongst them was obvious tonight as they celebrated with mixed emotions the end of their Our First Home journey. 


"We've got nothing but aroha for the Wottons and the Roughans and we've always said 'whatever happens happens' and if we did win we'd be grateful for the $100,000 but during the whole renovation journey we said to each other 'family is first' so we're just grateful that we've still got each other and honestly that's what matters the most" says Atareta. 


At $670,000 the Pearce whanau paid the most for their home and undertook a massive renovation. Under the experienced hand of builder Grant they completely gutted the interior reinforcing and reconfiguring this family home which sits on a huge section. 

The highlights of this 'coastal breezy' home must be the Pearce's stunning bathrooms, their stately front porch and overall styling and flow through the house. 


The Roughan's four bedroom house in Te Atatu South sold on Monday night for $800,000 and the Wotton's three bedroom house in Henderson sold for $780,000 on Sunday banking them $99,284 profit and securing the $100,000 grand prize with a value increase of 14.59%.