3 years ago


Dan’s pick of the families’ new spaces

The Pearce's front porch

The Pearce's house planning to reorganise the spaces in this house has transformed wasted hallway space into more open space. This house is now a mechanism in design that almost perfects the art of floor planning and connection between rooms. 

However, my preferred space is the new front porch. The value added with the porch takes this house to another level from its previous simple bay form.  The new design of the porch and fenestration add to the character aesthetic. The Pearce's have remarkably improved the very nature of this original bungalow with respect for its era. A great spot for an afternoon cuppa! 


The Wotton's epic back deck

The Wotton family have a deck most mansions would be proud of and their design to incorporate all aspects adds a pizzazz factor to this house. A new flow from the house to the different levels of the deck, a tiny house inclusion and the open 'kitchen bar' all add to a multi-use deck. It is now the new heart of this home and property and topped off with a spa pool too! 

Every detail here was carefully thought out to seamlessly integrate and flourish amongst the surrounding lush new landscape features. I just wished Henry would have put in the external door in the bathroom to the deck. We talked about a half country door style opening from the bathroom to the deck. I reckon they would have loved it!


The Roughan's new layout

This Roughans together with their builder JLG Builders Ltd have essentially pulled off a miracle in completing this reno in this timeframe. I say it's miraculous not only because of the sheer amount of construction alterations completed but the finished design product is outstanding and far beyond any normal humdrum standard renovation. This house is now an architectural exemplar. My favourite space is the new arrangement of space with a new stair location directing flow past a neat little study nook and a cool funky new kitchen to the new deck that completely transformed this house.