3 years ago


Photo finish - the wind or water feature results

This week the families were out at Karekare Falls in the stunning Waitakere Ranges drawing on Mother Nature for inspiration in the family task. The challenge, which all the families were excited about, was to take a photo capturing an object of interest to make people stop and look and then re-furbish an old frame to display their artwork in thier homes. 

Expert judge and award winning photographer Justin Aitken shared his tips then sent the families on their way. Check out the results...


The Wottons

The Wottons were the winners of this week's family task and the judges loved the layers, depth, contrast and how the colours in their photo tied in with the rest of the house. 


The Pearces

Keeping with their "coastal breezy" theme the Pearces headed to the beach to capture their shot. Unfortunatley a minor incident just minutes before presenting their photo saw them without glass in thier frame. Despite this the judges commended them on their choice of frame and their thoughtful subject matter. 


The Roughans

The light may not have fdespite fully cooperated however the judges loved the composition of Sam's photo of Rangitoto which will hang in one of their bedrooms.