2 years ago


The Pearce family’s favourite spaces

Tawera - the bathrooms

The experts loved the way the Pearce family executed their bathrooms especially the way they balanced the marble tiles with the other refined features. And yes, in case you're wondering, Tawera does fit in the bathtub!

I love the bathroom and ensuite they are so luxurious, I just love the feeling and I love the tiles


Atareta - the kitchen booth seat

It may have caused controversy with the experts but Atareta loves her one of a kind booth seat and she's stoked with the end result. 

When I saw it I was so inspired by it, it's so different and very unique


Grant & Janette - kitchen/dining area

The heart of the Pearce's house is the kitchen and dining area and it is this space which is Grant and Janette's favourite. Janette was really grateful for all the beautiful appliances and loved the way the coastal breezy space came together.

awesome awesome kitchen, dining and lougne