2 years ago


The Pearce whanau’s next project

Family really is everything for the Pearces. For those of us who struggle putting a flat-pack together with our loved ones this whanau takes teamwork to a whole new level. 


Nine gruelling weeks of high-pressure renovating didn't put Atareta off working with her family in fact since tools down she and mum Janette have started their own Internet marketing business together digital whanau


"The show set in concrete for us that whanau is everything. We genuinely love being with each other and that really helped us through those nine weeks" she Atareta.


She knows they're not a perfect family, like everyone they have their spats every now and again but their value is still each other. Something they stayed true to through the duration of the show. 

Atareta has grown up in a family where renovating is not a scary concept. Grant and Janette renovated their first home together in 2000, turning an two bedroom house into a five bedroom. Their Henderson home was the seventh renovation for the parents but the first that the kids were in charge of.  


"Renovating more homes is definitely on the cards for us. We want to go into investing. Our goal is to have rental properties and have them as passive income" she says. 


Before joining Our First Home Atareta and Tawera were renting in Judea, Tauranga but moved in with Grant and Janette before renovating began. Eventually they'll be looking for a property around the same area, 


"We love it there, close to the beach, a hop skip and a jump with a fishing rod" says Tawera, "the house that we just finished renovating is actually a house I'd like to live in."


When asked if she will one day recreate that beautiful marble bathroom in her own home Atareta said, "Heck yeah!"

We wish you all the best on the next phase of your our first home journey Pearce whanau and thank you for sharing this expience with us.