2 years ago


Where to from here for the Roughan kids?

The show may be over but for architect graduate Steph and city planner partner Sam the property game has just begun.


Having completely transforming a tired three bedroom house in Auckland's Te Atatu South into a sleek and stylish four bedroom home in nine grueling weeks (a task even experienced renovators would find challenging) it would be understandable if they never wanted to do another renovation again. But the determination that saw them produce outstanding creative spaces every week is still very much alive and looking for a new project. 


"I would renovate again, but I would renovate smarter. I don't think people realise how difficult it was to make that house work and how much money we sunk into structural stuff that people never saw" says Steph. 


Although they are not sure what the next step will be and haven't settled on a location for their first home they do know that next time it will be a slow renovation over five to ten years. Steph says she'll take the time to buy the right sort of house that is easy to renovate then look at doing it up and selling to do a new build. 


"Sam and I would be really keen to do a new build, but we're not sure we'd be able to do that straight away" she says, "I'd love to have an acre and have some animals and a lifestyle block. Whether we can do it at this age, it might be a bit unrealistic."


When asked how it felt to be letting go of their Our First Home property Steph says she wishes they had more time to really appreciate and live in the house. She admits they could have made smarter decisions and designed the spaces to for a more general appeal but she doesn't regret the process,


"We did things that we really liked and hoped that other people would like it. All those little details take a lot of time and a lot of effort and I really value them - I'm surrounded by a lot of people who really value design" she says, "It was really full on but it's been a pretty cool experience, and whether we do a new build or a renovation all the skills we've learnt we'll still use."

We wish you all the best Roughan family for the next chapter of your our first home journey and thank you for sharing this experience with us.