2 years ago


Wot’s next for the Wotton kids?

After securing a tidy profit with the sale of their Henderson home and taking out the grand prize of an additional $100,000, Josh Tingey and Bex Wotton, both 26 have just opened up a world of possibilites. 


Since renovation of their three bedroom bungalow in Henderson came to an end Josh has landed a job in his home town of Tauranga and the couple are open to a move there in the future


"We're not really sure what we're going to do after the show" says Josh, "I've actually been looking at a house in Tauranga which is up for auction shortly".


Josh says the property, which is not disimmilar to one they've just sold on Our First Home, would be a fun project and with the money gained from the show it's possible he may be bidding on his own first home sooner than expected. 


Bex says they will definitely be looking at something they can renovate and improve, "That money will be going towards our first home, wherever that is, I'm not sure yet."


The 26 year old primary school teacher form Auckland spent hours scrapbooking and careful choosing the right pieces for their home and hopes to be able to one day create something similar in their own home. 


"We had so many laughs and so many silly things happened at the shops. I would bring half the shop home, try everything out then bring half of it back. Theresa thinks I'm crazy but I'm really visual - I had to see it in the space" she says.

"Our dream house is on a big section overlooking some water somewhere, I like the really old school houses and I'd love to restore a villa one day. I don't think my renovation experience is quite up to that level yet but maybe once we've done a few houses"  


Josh says that although buying their first home is defnitely in the pipeline their dreams are bigger than just the next house,


"Bex is really into the baking - she'd like to open a boutique cake shop at some point. I'm still doing my surveying license so I'd be pretty keen to start my own company at some point as well, so that would be the dream and who knows what kind of house we'll live in." 

Good luck Wotton family on your next adventure and thank you for sharing your Our First Home journey with us - it's been a privilege.